Our History : Team Section 8 *[Sc8]* ~ Adapt, Improvise and Overcome


You just discovered the Section 8 * [Sc8] *? Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy your visit to our website and join our TeamSpeak 3 server!

The Section 8 Team * [Sc8] * was founded in October 6, 2006 by agentpr24, comander48 and cyfered6.

The basic objective was to get together (the three (3) friends) and to have a common identity following our departure from a Battlefield 2 clan but quickly grows with our style of play on Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2. Within a few weeks we had about twenty active members and several pending request. Despite our success in terms of recruitment, it was not in our plans to grow randomly because it was not a guarantee of success for us. We wanted to keep the intimate and fun aspect of our group while being open to meet new interesting people. We then built a Recruitment Division with a simple application process and basic rules to avoid any abuse and focus on what is important to us : Have fun!

Over time and with the involvement of several people, we managed to have our own web infrastructure, gaming and communications servers without being forced to do business with diverse suppliers. So we are 100% owner of our web infrastructure and we offer our members a variety of benefits such as *;

An email @ sc8.ca,

2. Access to the VIP Section
3. An access to the  Cloud2Go of Net2Go Solutions  ,
4. game servers on request (We have a directory with more than 120 games)
5. Access to a cutting edge support center,
6. A TeamSpeak 3 Server
7. A forum
8. and much more …

* Service offered in partnership with Net2Go Solutions

Despite the fact that we are mostly “addicted” to the Battlefield franchise, we also play games such as Call of Duty, America’s Army, Medal of Honor, Rainbow Six and Rust. In short, we are open to try other games:-)

We are primarily a group of players who want to have fun while we recruit based on the personality of the candidate, the will of involvement in the clan and a bit of talent because we want to be surrounded by people similar our brand. We are competitive in nature and our slogan describes our team culture;

Adapt, Improvise and Overcome

Are you like us?
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