Recruitment request : Team Section 8 *[Sc8]* ~ Adapt, Improvise and Overcome


Thanks for your interest in joining the Section 8 *[Sc8]* Team, a community open to mature gamers!

Before making an application, please read our prerequisites;

1. We do not accept players that “cheat” or have been banned by PunkBuster and/or Valve Anti-Cheat,
2. We do not accept players bellow 15 years of age,
3. We understand that you have a life outside of the gaming world but you must be a minimum active on TeamSpeak 3,
4. If you are a “Drama-Queen”, sorry, we are not compatible,
5. We want to be surrounded by nice people, with whom we will have a great time. If you are good at BF, its a plus for you 🙂
6. Respect and compassion are part of our culture,
7. If its not already done, please register in the forum and present yourself to the team,
8. Our motto will have to be anchor in your person with us : Adapt, Improvise and Overcome

If you think that our prerequisites and our terms and conditions are not to much to ask, then feel free to join our Team!

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